EC provides emergency assistance to Afghanistan and Haiti through UNICEF

LEC provides emergency assistance to Afghanistan and Haiti through UNICEF

On August 27th at 15:00 EST, a number of supporters from the Love earth North American community visited the United Nations headquarters in New York and transferred a donation of $6,040 to Afghanistan and Haiti through UNICEF, donation number: O-EDI21-20210826-183650-7933.

The LEC community launched this proposal many days ago on the main Ethernet network, and received 1 million votes in support, and finally formed a donation motion! The LEC community originally planned to raise $5,000 in donations, but a supporter in the community completed a $6,000 (USDT) donation on the chain alone, plus the Community Chest contract released about $40 worth of LEC, raising a total of $6,040 in donations! This donation was done through the UNICEF online donation system with the help of community volunteers!

Since its inception, the LEC Community Blockchain has completed several charity events, including providing free lunches to the elderly in Asia, partnering with the German Red Cross for the floods in Germany, and partnering with the Chinese Red Cross for the floods in Zhengzhou, China, among others, gaining unprecedented impact! The industry began to realize that it is possible to solve some problems of charity activities through “blockchain smart contracts”.

After this battle, LEC’s position in the field of public welfare blockchain can no longer be challenged, and the later will not be able to reach this height in the short term.