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CTChinese successfully held “The Future of Finance 2.0-Singapore Talk” online summit on August 26th

CTChinese successfully held “The Future of Finance 2.0-Singapore Talk” online summit on August 26th
In 2021, DeFi, NFT and meta-universe are going to explode. There are many new opportunities as well as risks. How do the top practitioners in blockchain industry see the prospect of DeFi, NFT and metaverse? How can people invest better in the crypto market? Can the blockchain space break the circle with these new trends?

On August 26th, Cointelegraph Chinese successfully held “The Future of Finance 2.0-Singapore Talk” online summit, which was sponsored by NEXTYPE Finance Gold.

In the summit, Kyle Chasse, CEO of PAID Network and CEO of Master Ventures, Jocelyn Yu, COO of PAID Network Asia, Vadim Krekotin, Co-founder and CEO of Cointelegraph Chinese, David Gulasi, CMO of NEXTYPE Finance, and David Gulasi, Co-founder and CEO of Cointelegraph Chinese. CMO David Gulasi, Cryptomeria Labs managing partner Sergey Medvedev, Sandbox co-founder Sébastien Borget, NEAR Asia Pacific head Amos Zhang, PlatON CTO JamesQu and other senior blockchain and digital art field They discussed the development trend of NFT and metaverse as well as risk management of crypto investment.

The summit featured four heavyweight presentations and five high-quality roundtable discussions on the topics of NFT gaming, metaverse gold mining, crypto investment, DeFi regulation, and global trends in NFT and metaverse, with representatives from well-known NFT and metaverse projects, top industry investors, and big names from the DeFi circuit actively participating and sharing their personal views. Below is a recap of the highlights of the summit.

Message from the Organizer
Vadim Krekotin, Co-founder and CEO of Cointelegraph Chinese, gave the opening speech. Vadim said that Cointelegraph Chinese recently launched the News Platform APP, which has a very good user experience, and the APP also has a column function, so all authors are welcome to contribute their own content. In addition, he believes that NFT, metaverse and games have been adopted tremendously. And, in this space, people don’t need to understand what blockchain and bitcoin are, they just need to participate.

Four Heavyweight Keynotes
Presentation I.
Amos Zhang, head of NEAR Asia Pacific, said NEAR is a blockchain-based development network infrastructure, a development platform for releasing next-generation decentralized social, financial, gaming and other applications, etc. NEAR’s design philosophy incorporates optimization of user experience, development experience. In addition to having extremely high performance, NEAR’s most and other features are, as its name suggests, very simple to use and can quickly bring users closer to the blockchain. Amos also emphasized that the recent Taobao Maker Faire, where the NEAR-based digital artwork “Bald Rich” was released, was a successful attempt to combine NFT blockchain technology with art across borders. The NFT blockchain technology enables virtual artworks to have collection value and circulation, and also gives ordinary people interested in virtual assets a real way to buy them.

Presentation 2.
David Gulasi, CMO of NEXTYPE Finance, said that he has been interested in cryptocurrency since 2018 and has been investing and participating in it. NEXTYPE was founded with a clear mission to define a new form of next-generation blockchain games. NEXTYPE takes blockchain game matrix as its core and builds a cross-chainable GameFi+NFT+DeFi integrated application ecology, to create an efficient and free NFT transaction protocol for the blockchain field and provide users with high-quality blockchain game Dapp. NEXTYPE not only needs to complete the self-development and underlying technical support of blockchain games, but also needs to provide an ecological platform for partners and players to build, govern and share together. In order to achieve this goal, NEXTYPE will launch 8-10 self-developed games with different themes and play styles this year and cooperate with at least 10 games to create NEXTYPE game matrix.

Presentation Three.
Kyle Chasse, CEO of PAID Network, said that PAID Network’s core goal is to become the infrastructure of Layer1 blockchain, on which anyone can build decentralized applications through Polkadot and enjoy the security that Polkadot has. It is worth mentioning that the IDO platform launched by PAID Network has now become one of the most desirable IDO platforms in the world. Meanwhile, Kyle Chasse found Asia to be a relatively isolated ecosystem, so PAID Network launched a separate Asian platform to bring high-quality transaction flows to Asian users to meet their needs.

Jocelyn Yu, COO of PAID Network Asia Pacific, said that PAID Network is smart in that it can specify services, customize solutions, and make distributed digital contracts more secure without the need for trust, and it is like a borderless legal toolkit that can meet all needs. Next, PAID Network Asia will be fully launched and will develop together with some excellent projects to move towards the global market.

Presentation Four.
JamesQu, CTO of PlatON, said that PlatON’s biggest strength in embracing the metaverse comes from its incentive model of privacy economics. Using privacy protection to protect some good data and models is an innovative win-win mechanism, and more people are willing to put good data and algorithms into the metaverse because the mechanism is based on cryptography, which protects the value of data and makes data compliance and normalized interoperability possible and sustainable.

The opportunities in the metaverse era are reflected in how we can live in harmony with artificial intelligence, the Internet and big data, how we can enjoy hundreds of different digital faces inside the metaverse as well as digital high-powered currencies and the resulting low-cost and efficient transactions; the challenge we face is to reposition the core value of people, how to make full use of the Internet, the Internet of Things, high-end algorithms, advanced computing power and blockchain technology to promote business process evolution and innovation based on real business, and also face the unprecedented challenge of data privacy protection because of the deep digitization of human behavior and business activities.