Chapter 8: Introduction to Blockchain Wallet Features 5

Chapter 8: Introduction to Blockchain Wallet Features 5: Experience DApp Applications

DApp is the abbreviation of Decentralized Application, which translates to decentralized application, referring to the blockchain as the underlying layer for application development.

The relationship between DApp and the underlying platform is similar to the relationship between APP and iOS and Android system.

For example, the DApp of EOS cannot run on the underlying ETH, just as the APP of Android cannot run on the iOS system. You can experience the decentralized financial MakerDAO on ETH in your wallet, experience winning EOS rewards by running a race in EOSRacing, or you can mine for money in the coin hunting pool on IOST.

Some large games currently exist as third-party standalone APPs, and when experiencing these APPs as DApps, you will also need a wallet as the medium for login and transaction authorization.

DApp Store

Currently TokenPocket supports a number of hot games such as EOS Three Kingdoms, EOSKnights, EOS Crypto Knights, Crypto Sword & Magic, CryptoLegends, etc. And in order to eliminate the tedious operation of switching wallets back and forth when users experience DApps, TP has developed MiniWallet mode. After users open MiniWallet mode, they can stay in the game for entertainment after only one authorization operation.