Chapter 10: Introduction to Blockchain Wallet Features 7: Asset Appreciation

Chapter 10: Introduction to Blockchain Wallet Features 7: Asset Appreciation

The wallet naturally has financial attributes, and the current wallet has already collected a variety of financial tools and functions including mining pool, finance, mining, project investment, etc., which can meet users’ needs for asset appreciation.

Mining pools.

Current mining is mainly PoW mining and PoS mining these 2 ways.
PoW (Proof of Work) is arithmetic mining, which is also familiar to us as BTC (Bitcoin) mining; PoS (Proof of Stake) mining is imitating PoW arithmetic mining, where the holder can pledge the tokens to the verifier node to get the reward dividends.

At present, the mining pools of wallets are basically based on PoS mining. Some wallets also support the purchase of cloud computing power for BTC (Bitcoin) mining.

Wealth Management.

The financial products in the wallet are very similar to traditional financial products, the only difference is the way they are settled. Usually an estimated rate of return is agreed upon, and after the user purchases that financial product with Tokens, it is settled periodically according to the agreed upon settlement date, and can be withdrawn or renewed at the end of the contract.


Mining is mainly DApp mining, the wallet collection of some DApp mining products, the use of mining machine can be convenient and fast to obtain the Token you want to mine. to the recent fire EIDOS for example, EIDOS mining machine can help users to achieve automatic transfer mining. These mined Tokens can be taken to the exchange and sold for EOS to gain revenue.

Project Investment.

Take HOO Labs of ⻁ Talisman Wallet as an example, you can use USDT to back projects on it and get Tokens of the project according to a certain percentage of the amount of USDT backed.